What do you use emoji for? If you’re one of my pals, you’ll notice that I use a few an awful lot: the Thumbs UpOK symbol, and the little purple octopus, because I have a very large tattoo of an octopus on my leg, and I like confusing people by giving completely inappropriate responses. I’m also a jerk, but that’s not important here. What is key is that Apple has released a ton of emoji in iOS 10.2 out into the wild, which means that I may need to step up my game. And when researching this piece, I found one GIF that stopped me dead in my tracks. Can you spoit?

Did you see it? Maybe you missed it. And if that’s the case, let me just go ahead and show you:

DID YOU SEE THAT FREAKIN’ CLOWN? Now look, clowns don’t scare me. It’s never been a concern of mine, even though I grew up at a time when Itwas all over the place. But seriously man, that clown emoji is freaky. A text from someone featuring this emoji might make me break down and cry a little bit about it.

Oh, and there’s a metric ton of other emojis included in the update, all of which you can find on Emojipedia.

Or, you can just watch this video.