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Ditto’s true form is this comfy chair

A Ditto chair is on its way to Japanese retailers. It exists somewhere on the spectrum of big gut Pikachu and a bean bag chair, and, according to PokéJungle, it costs roughly $250. The whole situation is a nice lavender and appears very, very squishy. Just behind your seated body looms Ditto’s eternal smile.

As a pokémon, Ditto’s whole schtick is imitating other pokémon. It turns into anything it wants, albeit with the same unnerving, wide-mouthed smile of its blubbery purple form. You’ll notice I did not say true form because I humbly submit that it’s this Ditto chair. While likely not canon, it should be.

they made a ditto chair, so 2020 is saved! pic.twitter.com/mU84xrSFQe

— ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ☃️ (@Rokashi) December 4, 2020

I’m right about this. No questions at this time.

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