I have started learning to draw 3 years ago as a way to express my artistic thoughts. It all began by drawing 6 hours a day, and I have not stopped ever since. Although my drawing is much more efficient these days, I still continue to learn and explore.

During these two years, I have begun to draw people’s loved ones. And by loved ones, I mean cats, dogs, and obviously, people. Some of the drawings you see below are portraits I made as commissions, others are my take on the photos that I liked.

I draw a lot of very realistic portraits, but I do enjoy experimenting with colors and emotions as well. I find it especially interesting if I know something about the person or a pet beforehand – this way I can portray some of their character in my drawing.

During the past year, I have sold my works in the galleries around the UK, dressed film sets with my art and drew countless pets for their loving owners all around the world. I wanted to share some of my art with you!

More info: behance.net